Hi there! 

I’m Marcia Monti, and I help fiercely independent, high-achieving women align their next chapter with their soul’s purpose.

 I am a dharma (life purpose) and feminine leadership coach on a mission to help women everywhere feel

Confident, Beautiful & Powerful!


I didn’t always know what my purpose was.   And, even if I did, back then I lacked the skills, experience and confidence to do anything about it. The former version of me was quite content to dim my light, play small and just accept that the life I had was good enough, even though there was always a voice within that screamed for more.

From a very early age, I was always curious about the deeper meaning of life. As a young woman, my life was full of parental and job responsibilities, leaving little time to discover who I was at a soul level. With a great love for my children and a sense of accomplishment with my career, my life felt good...   well, mostly anyway.

I was raised on a farm in South Dakota in a big family, one of six kids, with memories of family fishing trips, working in the garden, and playing board games whenever a winter storm took the power out.

Yet I learned at an early age not to speak my voice or share my dreams or desires.

My mother didn’t always know how to use her voice or stand up for herself. And, though they loved me, both my parents were emotionally unavailable.  Add to that the rigid rules and shame of a strict religious upbringing.  

So I learned how to shut down
 my voice, my light and my power.

It's not about blame either, it's about growth and taking personal responsibility.


I also learned a strong work ethic from parents who worked very hard to give us everything we needed…and a lot of what we wanted. 

I translated that into a 30-year career as a high-performer in corporate leadership roles & as a business owner.

At the same time, I was also a single mother of two. I was Mom, Dad, Nurturer, Disciplinarian, Breadwinner, Car pooler. It was often challenging and very lonely, but my kids gave me so much purpose…AND they relied on me to care for them.

So, I was a workaholic.

I worked ridiculous hours and put difficult demands on myself. I was fully committed to hitting my goals and making money.

At the beginning, I loved what I was doing. Then, over time, I became fatigued, burned out and physically ill. I hit a wall and suddenly didn’t want to do it at all. I had to fight through resistance daily.

When my kids left the nest, I poured myself even more into work to fill the void. Each year as I accomplished my goals and continued to achieve, I felt fulfilled...for a hot minute…then that feeling was gone. I was depressed, apathetic, and had a constant pit of anxiety in my belly.

So I started looking for the right business & leadership coach.

I thought if I just worked harder a little longer I’d finally get relief.

I spent thousands of dollars and an enormous amount of time, effort and energy in my quest, and I found many coaches who taught problem solving and goal-setting techniques, the masculine strategies I’d already been using.

When I hired my first feminine leadership coach, I literally removed all my business clothes from my closet. I felt like a caged animal that had just been released from prison and wondered if I would ever go back to the business world again. 

For the first time in years, I felt held, safe, understood and nurtured. I started to remember who I was and what brought my life joy. I formed a tribe of sisters to support and be supported by. My nervous system shifted out of ‘fight or flight’ and back into a harmonious and healthy state.

After spending decades under extreme stress, completely ignoring my feminine needs, I finally felt peaceful, hopeful
and happy.


All I had known how to do was to hit metric-based goals. Now I was giving myself space to dream.

…And one day, the creative juices started flowing again.

I had ideas I wanted to explore and knew it was time to start ‘doing’ again. But every time I thought about going back into my business full time, anxiety would rear up at the thought of returning to that life. I did not want to go back into that cage!  It felt like PTSD.

I still believed that success had to be hard, stressful and exhausting. I wanted to redefine success. I wanted to achieve prosperity…while also feeling completely and utterly satisfied in my chosen life.

I needed a coach that blended masculine and feminine tactics for tangible results that satisfy both the heart and mind.

Now, as a Soul Purpose & Divine Feminine Coach, I help other female leaders go after that dream that lay dormant most of their lives by beautifully blending the strategic, results-based masculine with the intuitive, creative nature of the feminine.

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I look back on the young woman I was with compassion and gratitude for what she experienced. Recognizing that all of it played a major role in my life curriculum.  It beautifully prepared me to step into the woman I am today who is now equipped with skills, tools and wisdom that I pull from when guiding and supporting other women.

Like you, there have been many versions that make up ME and, there will be many more yet to come as I continue to evolve. While I am mostly proud of my story, I also want to point out that there were also many versions of me that were just plain ‘messy’.  When we grow from those messy moments, the satisfaction is magical!!

I want to help you build a bridge between the woman you are and the woman you dream about becoming. I’m here to help you overcome fears and limiting beliefs so you can start checking the remaining boxes on your dream board and live a life of 


It's never too late
to rewrite your FUTURE,
your business,
or reignite your DREAMS

It's never too late
to rewrite your FUTURE,
REBUILD your business,
or reignite your DREAMS. 




I have a weakness for hats, shoes and handbags.


I love reality TV, especially the Housewives.  I live for Bravo!


I'm currently binge watching Yellowstone & Ozark.  


I love traveling in my campervan and exploring new places from the comfort of my mini 'home on wheels'!

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Wild Cherry Ice Cream!

celeb i'd love to meet

Lady Gaga & Jason Mamoa

Guilty pleasure

Bravo TV - pretty much EVERY show!

alternate universe job:

Professional Dancer

favorite place i've been:

Australia & Costa Rica

drink of choice

Lemon drop Martini

can't live without

Yoga Pants

usually craving

Carbs - I try NOT to eat many.

beach vs mountains

Mountains.  I live by the ocean.

favorite show to binge


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