As accomplished as you are, you secretly know you could be
 so. much. more.

I help fiercely independent women, who've lost their spark after spending an entire career achieving, align their next 'life' chapter so they can have success without sacrificing pleasure and joy.

Most business & leadership coaches
 tend to swing all the way towards either masculine goals or feminine empowerment.  I bridge soul and strategy by tapping into 30+ years experience as a top performer in business and corporate leadership roles, expertise as a certified Dharma & Divine Feminine Leadership Coach and with the grit that can only come from my experience as a single mom.  I'll help you unlock what you're here for and redefine success by integrating your feminine creative power with your masculine strategy and drive.  

 I am passionate about guiding smart, conscious, women towards a life filled with prosperity, joy, and freedom as
they shift into their highest potential!

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I help them get clarity around their passion and purpose. 

I'm Marcia Monti,
Soul Purpose and
Feminine Leadership Coach.


Ready to get those creative juices flowing again and go after that dream that lay dormant for most of your life?

I'm Marcia Monti,
Life Purpose and
Feminine Empowerment  Coach.


hey, friend!

There's nothing more glamorous than a woman who starts saying 'YES' to herself!!

Are You Craving a Change?

Let's Build a Life You're Excited to Wake Up To

* You sense there's more to life.

* You're curious about understanding the deeper meaning of your purpose in the world.

* You're ready for a new level of success that goes beyond the hustle, power, status and money.

* You want to feel more freedom, joy and a sense of fulfillment.

here's what i do:

there's a reason why you're here...

1:1 Coaching


Individual Coaching is one of the best ways to gain insight and clarity. During our time together, we'll identify goals, limiting beliefs and create a map to put you on the road towards actualizing the life that up until now, you've only dreamed about.

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Group Coaching

Group Coaching not only creates community and connection, it also allows a space to share dreams, challenges and, it increases the sense of accountability.

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It's time we put an end to toxic, dissatisfying hustle culture. 

Women everywhere are making a shift towards their true feminine nature. 

Together we're redefining what it means to be a woman!

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  • Dharma (Life Purpose) and Feminine Leadership Coach,
  • Personal Development Junkie,
  • Once burned out overachiever who was conditioned to operate from my masculine energy,
  • Self care advocate,
  • Avid reader,
  • Adventurer who is always down to see and try something new,
  • Woman on a mission to continue to create a life that brings fulfillment and joy to myself and those I live, play and work with.

About me

Who Am I?

What if everything in your life has led you to this very moment for a reason?

Your soul's purpose is your big reason why you are here.

Are you ready to embody the fullest expression of the woman you're meant to be?  

No matter your age or circumstances, we're all here to fulfill a purpose.  Many of us have gone through life questioning whether or not we believe we even have one.

What would your life look like if you trusted yourself to find the answers, to connect the dots of all the defining moments in your life that have shaped who you are today and where you're headed?  It's all part of a bigger picture. 
Your bigger picture!


I loved our session together. I had many realizations that were guided by your insights. You asked powerful questions that made me see things in a new way. I realized I do not share my accomplishments, I dim my light due to fear. Now that this is in my awareness, I notice it more and more. It is like you helped me see a blind spot that was keeping me from expressing my truth. I also loved that you gave me specific reflection tools to help me share my experiences and acknowledge my accomplishments. Overall, I felt held, acknowledged, and understood. It was helpful when you shared your experiences because it made me feel like I was not alone and that I was also safe to share. Thanks so much for your wisdom and presence!

— laura r

Marcia has been a wonderful coach to me. I have been struggling with finding who I am and what my purpose is. Marcia’s guidance provided me tools to further my self discovery such as tapping into my feminine energy to help counteract the overwhelming amount of masculine energy in my life. Her sessions also gave me the encouragement and space I needed to consider all possibilities I might consider for my future. Her focus and professional perspective aided my ability to determine my own potential career and life paths. I would highly recommend anyone struggling with self doubt or a lack of direction to consider hiring Marcia for experienced and supportive advice.

— carly

I can't say enough about Marcia Ann and her expertise.  

— Julie


Helping women overcome doubt and fear in order to step into their full, authentic power and live the life they're destined to live.

I'm ready!

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Is it possible you've been going about 'success' the wrong way?

And, because of this, you're suffering, feeling beat down and perhaps even sick?

You've done the work with business and mindset coaches.  You've read the books and attended the events.  Each year, you up the bar, pushing yourself even harder.  And still, the overall feeling falls short of what you hoped for.

Most women (and men) were only taught the masculine model for success (ego. competition, force, and strategy).  It's time to RISE above and take a new approach to business. 
An approach that blends the masculine and feminine model for success.

Most women today are out of balance and living their life primarily in a 'masculine' state without even knowing it.  When I first discovered this, it caused confusion, anger and frustration. 


I re-discovered my true feminine nature.  One that was ready for more 'being' and less 'doing'.  My passion was reignited and I felt alive again!
I learned who I am at a soul level and what I'm here to do.. 
And, so can you.


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