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Are you ready to shed your old identity that's kept you stressed, stuck and sick? 

The world is waiting for you to step into your Dharma and become the fullest expression of the woman you always dreamed of becoming.

Often, when a woman hears me say they're too in their masculine, they think 'Oh, so I have to be a homemaker now? Higher heels?
Be seen but not heard?' Those are some of the questions I pondered when I began my journey towards healing and empowerment.

It's either you're dead in a suit or you're all flowy dresses.

I'm here to tell you that you
can have both.

As the CEO, confidently wear the feminine dress, lower the velvet hammer, get shit done and remain in your true feminine nature.

Likewise, this is not about man versus woman or a 'man hating' campaign. It is vital to bring the feminine energy way back into leadership in order to heal our world. Not to replace the masculine, but to balance it!

But first...
What this is NOT:

Relight That Spark + Make Your Next Chapter About Your Soul’s Purpose

From feeling caged, empty and paralyzed by fear & overwhelm
Radiant, magnetic, sexy, powerful, full of confidence and in love with life!

You’re a fiercely independent, high-achieving rock star.

For decades you’ve pulled your sense of purpose and self-confidence from making money and being a mother. But now that the kids have left the nest, you’re left feeling lost. Plus you’re going through menopause. (It’s all downhill from here, right?)

  • You’re not sure where to begin.
  • You worry you’re too old to create a new business or start over in a new career.
  • You worry you’re not smart enough or won’t have enough money or will make people feel uncomfortable.
  • You wonder if you’re wrong for wanting to expand your life – are you supposed to be content just being a grandma?

You read another self help book, hire a therapist, attend retreats, go to workshops, take courses, work harder. You fixate on your wrinkles, sagging skin, drop in energy & sex drive and avoid getting naked, wearing that bikini or finding a lover.

You’ve lost your zest for life. You no longer have the energy or desire to build your empire, and there’s a constant pit of dread in your stomach. You feel trapped and all washed up.

Until you’re simply existing and your pilot light is barely burning.

So you push yourself harder each year to constantly up the bar and achieve more, more, more. All while desperately reaching for fulfillment and freedom.   

You dream about a new career or passion, but you’re rooted in fear.

Remember Angela Bassett in When Stella Got Her Groove Back?

Imagine you’re going after that dream that lay dormant most of your life AND you believe in your ability to manifest it.

It’s time to rise above all those questioning worries. It’s time to move beyond this life that limits you. It’s time to reignite that fire & tap into the passion that is dying to get out.


  • You feel stimulated and satisfied, show up for life energized, inspired and lit up.

  • When you open your closet, instead of feeling resentment and shame, you see clothes you feel beautiful and confident in.

  • Your partner surprises you with jewelry because he’s so turned on by this new, exciting woman in his life.

This happens when you trust your inner queen to effortlessly guide you, when you’re no longer willing to hide or dim your light.

This happens when you optimize your masculine and feminine energy, creating both tangible (metrics & achievements) and intangible (fulfillment & joy) results.

Ready to get started?

How It Works


Before we embark on a full coaching program, it's important to meet so I can share my coaching process, you can ensure it matches what you want & we mutually agree  it's a good fit. 


We'll identify & prioritize your goals as well as the patterns that are keeping you stuck.  We'll create a new foundation that will support you as we work towards achieving your goals.


Once clear on your purpose, we'll work on developing your intuition and overall confidence as you allow old, outdated programs to fade away.  We'll replace what didn't work with an improved 'operating system' that offers a new version of success that includes ease, joy, prosperity and fulfillment.

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My Unique Approach

My system weaves together both. Business & bliss.  Soul & strategy. 

I’m not just meditating on a mountain all day. I get the stress. It’s real. I’ve got grit. 

Through my unique approach to 1-1 and group coaching, training & support, you’ll:

Ready to relight that spark and pivot toward your soul’s purpose?  Let’s chat.

Most coaches for businesswomen and female leaders focus solely on either masculine achievement-based strategies or feminine woo-woo empowerment.

I’m a certified Dharma & Divine Feminine Coach, yoga teacher and real estate broker. With over 30 years experience as a top performer and top producer in corporate management roles and as a business owner, I consistently earned awards for achievement in sales and leadership roles within my field as well as within my community. I’ve coached supervisors & leaders and mentored hundreds of real estate agents on goal setting and overcoming mindset blocks.

I know how to work the strategies of business. I also know
how to help women find their way home.

When we work together, you’ll feel seen, heard and understood with compassion, patience and understanding for what you’re going through.

I had amazing coaches on my journey that helped me find the light, heal and step into my full potential. I want this for you, too.

  • Activate your feminine power to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Tap into what brings you joy & pleasure so you can feel passionate again.
  • Eliminate beliefs & patterns that keep so many ambitious women stuck.
  • Regain your confidence and remember who you are and why you’re here.
  • Learn to live life filled with joy and harmony instead of dread and stress.
  • Follow your true desires as breadcrumbs that lead you to your soul’s purpose, your Dharma.
  • Build your Dharma Blueprint that guides you to the answers you seek.

real talk:

Isn't it time you finally did that thing you’ve always wanted to do, or did it way better, or fixed that problem you’ve been having for ages? 

Is it overcoming the fear of public speaking?  Being in the spotlight?  Writing that book? 
Starting a podcast? 
Finding new love?  Leaving an unhealthy relationship?  Starting a new career?  Asking for that raise?

You don't have to do it alone.

Girl, I know how to make that happen.

i can help because i've been there

There was a time when I felt lost & broken.  

For years, people told me they admired me for all I had accomplished.  From being a solo parent of two kids to building successful businesses, it would appear I had it together. And, in many ways, I did. What the outside world saw was a 'confident' woman who appeared to have it all. However, what they didn't see was the version of me that was struggling & barely hanging on.  At the time, it was too painful to share my truth.  The side of me that was lonely, overwhelmed, lacking passion and was unfulfilled.  You see, I only allowed the 'perfectly put together' version of me to be seen, while the rest of me suffered in silence.  

It was not sustainable!  

Even though I hit my goals year after year, I felt like I was stuck in a loop. At the time, I lacked the awareness, tools and confidence needed to pull myself out of it. 
My life was WAY out of balance!

 After hitting a low point in my life, I decided it was time to break free from my own unhealthy patterns & beliefs. 

It was time to put 'ME' first which required patience, self compassion, getting quiet and an unwavering devotion to face the fears that had kept me paralyzed for years.  I was ready to hire a coach who could point out my blind spots, my limiting beliefs and help me put my focus on who I was and the gifts I was ready to develop.  

 It was the beginning of my journey 'back to me' as I took the first step towards discovering my own Dharma and ultimately creating the life I dreamed about.

It wasn’t until later in life that I understood the power in being vulnerable.  By sharing my success, and more importantly the hardships I’ve overcome, I recognized it might serve as a guiding light to help other women break free from their 'stories' and help them begin the process of writing a new chapter, this time
 on her terms!  

Are You Ready
To Reignite
Your Inner Light?

Why You Need A Coach


I'll take you through a step by step process that will ultimately lead us to your Dharma Blueprint (purpose). This is a process meant to hone in on what fills you with passion, joy and lights you up!

create new thinking & get into action

It is oftentimes necessary to replace the 'limiting' beliefs that keep us stuck. As you learn new concepts and start to take action, a new belief system is born. Before you know it, abundance, joy and fulfillment will become your new normal.


Have fun while you work towards reaching your goals. I'll keep you focused and on track so you don't start to slip.

“Working with Marcia has been a game changer. She was able to see not only my gifts but help me remove the obstacles that stood in my path.”


How does this sound?

the results you're going to get:


Sitting in the driver's seat of your life & career!


Setting goals that come from your heart vs. our mind.  Leading with intuition and trusting your inner compass.


Embodying a high level of self respect and confidence by being 'ALL OF YOU'.


Become the powerful creator of your reality, guided by intuition and living in a state of Flow.


Have clarity and live in alignment with your purpose with passion.

Is This Right For You?

you believe it's too late to make a change

you're overwhelmed, burned out and stuck

feeling disconnected and lacking passion

you're tired of not being heard or seen at work and at home

you're neglecting your own needs while putting everyone else first

is that a yes?

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Your next level of success involves trying a new approach.  It's time to make YOU a priority as you begin the process of designing the life you dream about.  

This will be the most important work you'll ever do!

Once you book your session, an email confirmation will be sent prior to our call.

All sessions are via Zoom and a link will be sent prior to our session.


“If you’re on the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”

- melissa


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