What I Stand For

The single mother who’s suffering from exhaustion, feels so alone and overwhelmed, I was once you.

The woman in business that struggles to find her power and her voice to demand her worth, I’ve been her.

The woman who’s so beat down by her partner that she’s ready to wave the white flag and just give in and give up on her dreams, I feel you.

I stand for the woman who is a strong, powerful leader who gets shit done, only to be told she’s a bitch and too aggressive.

I stand for the woman who wants to live her dream even though some of the most important people in her life don't understand or support her vision.

I stand for the woman who sheds a tear when she hears about another school shooting, even though she will be criticized for being too emotional for a leadership position.

I stand for the woman who was told she should be happy with what she has and was conditioned to dim her light, be seen not heard, and never learned how to use her voice, set boundaries or tap into her power in order to achieve her dreams.

I stand for the woman who is supposed to stand by and accept that her male counterparts are making significantly more for the same job.

I stand for the overworked woman who was fed a line of crap when they said ‘she can have it all’ and never told her how to take on having a career, being a single parent and not having a damn task taken off her plate.

I stand for the single mom, who also had to be the dad, the breadwinner and a dozen other titles and feels exhausted, unsupported and lonely.

I stand for the mother who decided to go back to work, only to receive criticism because she’s not home taking care of her kids.

I stand for the stay-at-home mom who makes her children her priority, even though she receives criticism that she should go build a career.

I stand for the woman in an abusive relationship that feels beat down, trapped and doesn’t know how to escape.

I stand for the woman who wants to be in a interracial relationship, even though she will receive criticism and hate from family, friends and others.

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